Demos and Posters

List of Accepted Posters:

What Constrains Flash File System Performances? 

Baekyeop Kim, Byungjun Jeon, Eunji Lee, Chungbuk National University; Hansung Chun, ETRI; Hyokyung Bahn, Ewha Womans University

Dynamic reconfiguration of IO adapters for real-time outage prevention 

Rajarshi Das, Vishal Mansur, Nikhil Hegde, Omar Cardona, IBM

Wide Area Network-scale Discovery and Data Dissemination in Data-centric Publish/Subscribe Systems 

Kyoungho An and Aniruddha Gokhale, Vanderbilt; Sumant Tambe. Real-Time Innovations; Takayuki Kuroda, NEC

Cgroup++: Enhancing I/O Resource Management of Linux Cgroup on NUMA Systems with NVMe SSDs 

Junghi Min, Sungyong Ahn, Kwanghyun La, Wooseok Chang, Samsung; Jihong Kim, Seoul National University

Improving the Performance of Asynchronous Replication with Mixed-Mode Copying 

Sosuke Matsui, Hiroyuki Miyoshi, Hiroshi Araki, Norie Iwasaki, IBM Japan; Thomas W. Bish, IBM

Zero-Cost, Fine-Grained Power Monitoring of Datacenters Using Non-Intrusive Power Disaggregation
Guogming Tang, University of Victoria; Weixiang Jiang, Zhifeng Xu, Fangming Liu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Kui Wu, University of Victoria

Speculative Memory Checkpointing
Dirk Vogt, Armando Miraglia, Cristiano Giuffrida, Vrije Universiteit; Georgios Portokalidis, Stevens Institute of Technology; Herbert Bos, Andy Tanenbaum, Vrije Universiteit

Pannier: A Container-based Flash Cache for Compound Objects
Cheng Li, Rutgers University; Philip Shilane, Fred Douglis, Grant Wallace, EMC

Improving Preemptive Scheduling with Application-Transparent Checkpointing in Shared Cluster
Jack Li, Georgia Institute of Technology; Yuan Chen, Vanish Talwar, HP Labs; Calton Pu, Georgia Institute of Technology; Dejan Milojicic, HP Labs

Local and Remote GPUs Perform Similar with EDR 100G InfiniBand.
Carlos Reano, Federico Silla, Universitat Politècnica de València; Gilad Shainer, Scot Schultz, Mellanox Technologies

Design of Routing Protocols and Overlay Topologies for Topic-based Publish/Subscribe on Small-World Networks
Chen Chen, Yoav Tock, IBM Research Haifa


List of Accepted Demos:

A System for the Specification and Execution of Conditional WoT Applications over Voice 

Lyunsik Hyun, Sechun Kang, Jonghyun Yoon, Samsung Electronics; Young Yoon, Hongik University

Enabling Plug-and-Play for the Internet of Things 

Wilfried Daniels, Fan Yang, Nelson Matthys, Wouter Joosen, Danny Hughes, KU Leuven

A Live Demo on Remote GPU Accelerated Deep Learning Using the rCUDA Middleware 

Carlos Reaño and Federico Silla, Universitat Politècnica de València

Call for demos and posters (Closed)

Middleware 2015 will provide a forum for live software demonstrations of middleware applications, systems, and tools. Demos could take a wide and open-ended variety of forms. Typical examples include: (i) presentation of an application which leverages advanced middleware concepts, (ii) working through coding of an example on a novel middleware platform, or (iii) real-time visualizations of middleware system metrics under simulated workloads. Although the form may vary, demo presenters should take advantage of not being constrained by the format of a traditional slide presentation. Demos are encouraged for both early prototypes and mature technology.

Posters will provide an opportunity for conference attendees to learn about innovative work in progress and to preview late-breaking research results. Poster sessions will provide an informal setting for presenters to communicate ideas or results and also to collect feedback from attendees.

Demo or poster contributions are solicited in all areas of middleware research and applications. For a list of applicable topics, please consider those from the call for papers.

Important dates

Poster/Demo Submission September 11, 2015
Notification of Acceptance September 25, 2015

Submission Details

Live demos

Submissions describing live demos should be at most 2 pages PDF using the ACM proceedings format (Option 2 in The submission should include:

  • a description of the problems addressed,
  • research and technical approach,
  • a scripted timeline that describes what the audience will see during the demo including one or more screenshots,
  • related work with bibliography.

For the purpose of submission, assume a 20 minute demo (actual allocated demo time is to be determined). For added flexibility to make it more accessible to attendees, we also strongly encourage the author of an accepted live demo to provide a 5 minute video.


Submissions describing posters should be at most 2 pages PDF using the ACM proceedings format (Option 2 in The submission should include:

  • a description of the problems addressed
  • research and technical approach
  • any preliminary results
  • related work with bibliography

The deadline for submissions of both Demo and Poster papers is September 11th. Please email your submission to If you have any question, please contact the poster and demo chair at

AUTHORS TAKE NOTE: The official publication date is the date the proceedings are made available in the ACM Digital Library. This date may be up to two weeks prior to the first day of your conference. The official publication date affects the deadline for any patent filings related to published work. (For those rare conferences whose proceedings are published in the ACM Digital Library after the conference is over, the official publication date remains the first day of the conference.)