Doctoral Symposium – Program

December 8, 2015

9:15-10:00Keynote The bigger picture for PhD researchers:
Lessons learned from 21 PhDs and 40 defenses, Wouter Joosen (Minds-DistriNet, KULeuven)
10-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-12:00Session I: New Domains

  • Drums: a Middleware-Aware Distributed Robot Monitoring System (Mani Monajjemi, Jens Wawerla and Richard Vaughan)

  • Enhancing Internet of Things with Reconfigurable Hardware and Software (Fan Yang)

  • Towards Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Sensor Data with Indigenous Knowledge for Drought Forecasting (Adeyinka Akanbi and Muthoni Masinde)

1:30-3:00Session II: Large Systems

  • Towards a Scalable, Distributed Metadata Service for Causal Consistency under Partial Geo-replication
    (Manuel Bravo, Luis Rodrigues and Peter Van Roy)

  • Advanced monitoring and smart auto-scaling of NoSQL systems (Arnaud Schoonjans, Bert Lagaisse and Wouter Joosen)

  • Optimal Resource Provisioning Approach based on Cost Modeling for Spark Applications in Public Clouds (Jianfei Ruan, Qinghua Zheng and Bo Dong)

3:00-3:30Coffee Break
3:30-5:00Session III: Potpourri

  • Distributed Data Flow: a Programming model for the Crowdsourced Internet of Things (Nam Ky Giang, Michael Blackstock, Rodger Lea and Victor Leung)

  • Intrusion Detection System for Embedded Systems (Farid Molazem and Karthik Pattabiraman)

  • Graph-Based Publish/Subscribe Research with Dynamic Subscriptions (César Cañas and Eduardo Pacheco)

5:00-5:45PhD Testimonials