The complete conference program will appear here.

For now, the list of papers accepted for presentation at the main conference are:

  • Zero-Cost, Fine-Grained Power Monitoring of Datacenters Using Non-Intrusive Power Disaggregation (Guogming Tang; Weixiang Jiang; Zhifeng Xu; Fangming Liu; Kui Wu)
  • UniDrive: Synergize Multiple Consumer Cloud Storage Services (Haowen Tang; Fangming Liu; Guobin Shen; Yuchen Jin; Chuanxiong Guo)
  • Configuring Distributed Computations Using Response Surfaces (Adem Efe Gencer; David Bindel; Emin Gün Sirer; Robbert van Renesse)
  • VeCycle: Recycling VM Checkpoints for Faster Migration (Thomas Knauth; Christof Fetter)
  • Parallel Programming in Actor-Based Applications via OpenCL (Paul Harvey; Kristian Hentschel; Joseph Sventek)
  • Write Fast, Read in the Past: Causal Consistency for Client-side Applications (Marek Zawirski; Nuno Preguiça; Sérgio Duarte; Annette Middelkoop-Bieniusa; Valter Balegas; Marc Shapiro)
  • Pannier: A Container-based Flash Cache for Compound Objects (Cheng Li; Philip Shilane; Fred Douglis; Grant Wallace)
  • vRead: Efficient Data Access for Hadoop in Virtualized Clouds (Cong Xu; Brendan Saltaformaggio; Sahan Gamage; Ramana Kompella; Dongyan Xu)
  • Consensus-Oriented Parallelization: How to Earn Your First Million (Johannes Behl; Tobias Distler; Rüdiger Kapitza)
  • MERC: Match at Edge and Route intra–Cluster for Content-based Publish/Subscribe Systems (Shuping Ji; ChunYang Ye; Jun Wei; Hans-Arno Jacobsen)
  • Speculative Memory Checkpointing (Dirk Vogt; Armando Miraglia; Cristiano Giuffrida; Georgios Portokalidis; Herbert Bos; Andy Tanenbaum)
  • Managing the Energy-Delay Tradeoff in Mobile Applications with Tempus (Nima Nikzad; Marjan Radi; Octav Chipara; William G. Griswold)
  • EpTO: an Epidemic Total Order Algorithm for Large-Scale Distributed Systems (Miguel Matos; Hugues Mercier; Pascal Felber; Rui Oliveira; José Pereira)
  • Efficient Key Updates through Subscription Re-encryption for Privacy-Preserving Publish/Subscribe (Emanuel Onica; Pascal Felber; Hugues Mercier; Etienne Rivière)
  • Quartz: A Lightweight Performance Emulator for Persistent Memory Software (Haris Volos; Guilherme Magalhaes; Ludmila Cherkasova; Jun Li)
  • Improving Preemptive Scheduling with Application-Transparent Checkpointing in Shared Clusters (Jack Li; Yuan Chen; Vanish Talwar; Calton Pu; Dejan Milojicic)
  • R-Storm – Resource Aware Scheduling in Storm (Boyang Peng; Mohammad Hosseini; Roy Campbell; Reza Farivar)
  • Q-OPT: Self-tuning Quorum System for Strongly Consistent Software Defined Storage (Maria Couceiro; Gayana Chandrasekara; Manuel Bravo; Matti Hiltunen; Paolo Romano; Luís Rodrigues)
  • Scaling Out Link Prediction with SNAPLE:1 Billion Edges and Beyond (AnneMarie Kermarrec; Francois Taiani; Juan M. Tirado)
  • Turtle Consensus: Moving Target Defense for Consensus (Stavros Nikolaou; Robbert van Renesse)
  • Graps: A Graph Publish/Subscribe Middleware (César Cañas; Eduardo Pacheco; Bettina Kemme; Jörg Kienzle; Hans-Arno Jacobsen)
  • Asynchronous Complete Garbage Collection for Graph Data Stores (Rodrigo Bruno; Luís Veiga; Paulo Ferreira)
  • Enabling Cost-Effective Flash based Caching with an Array of Commodity SSDs (Yongseok Oh; Eunjae Lee; Choulseung Hyun; Jongmoo Choi; Donghee Lee; Sam H. Noh)

The papers that will be presented at the main conference as accepted papers from the industry track are:

  • Design of Routing Protocols and Overlay Topologies for Topic-based Publish/Subscribe on Small-World Networks (Chen Chen and Yoav Tock, IBM Research Haifa)
  • Apex Lake: A Framework for Enabling Smart Orchestration (Thijs Metsch (Intel Labs Europe), Olumuyiwa Ibidunmoye (Umea University, Sweden), Victor Bayon-Molino (Intel Labs Europe), Joe Butler (Intel Labs Europe), Francisco Hernandez-Rodriguez (Umea University, Sweden) and Erik Elmroth (Umea University, Sweden))
  • DynaCorrect: Dynamically Correcting Cache for Non-cooperative Systems (Akshat Verma, Sharat Singh, Shubham Srivastava, Sunil Kumar, Rakesh Ranjan, Zafar Ansari, Pawan Kumar, Anirban Basu, Abhilash Jain, Abhilash Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Dhawal Patel, Nishant Kumar, Ravindra Gupta, Ahsaas Chawla, Manish Kankani, Dheerendra Kulkarni and Vineet Pandita, MakeMyTrip, India)
  • Local and Remote GPUs Perform Similar with EDR 100G InfiniBand (Carlos Reano and Federico Silla (Technical University of Valencia, Spain), Gilad Shainer and Scot Schultz (Mellanox Technologies, USA))